Group Tours to Nicaragua

by Jessica B. April 28th, 2016
If you are planning a trip to Nicaragua, you might want to consider going on a group tour. Nicaragua is a great place to see with a guide, if your Spanish is not up to par. You will be able to experience more of
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Nicaragua’s Port Stop

by T Akery April 21st, 2016
Nicaragua has only one major port stop for cruise ships. That is the one at San Juan del Sur. This stop is a fairly new addition since, until recently, most cruise ships avoided Nicaragua as a destination site. A civil war in the 1970s and 1980s made the country too unstable for tourists to visit. So, while Nicaragua is developing other places for cruise ships to stop, this destination still provides plenty of opportunity to explore the beauty of
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Chicken Buses in Nicaragua

by Bea April 14th, 2016
If you're looking to travel around Nicaragua in true local style, then you're going to want to ride a chicken bus. What's a chicken bus? Well, do you remember that yellow school bus that used to bring you to school? When its services were no longer needed in North America, it was transported down to Central America. Chicken buses are an extremely utilized form of transportation in Central America. In fact, you could take
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  • Unique Shopping Choices in Nicaragua

    by Kimberly Hays April 7th, 2016
    Nicaragua has become very popular in the past few years, with people from the United States flocking there for vacations in the sun. The culture, the people, and the ancient landscape have much to offer no matter how many times you visit; it seems there is always something new to explore. Shopping in Nicaragua is also an adventure. We will explore the best shops and stores that you will
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  • Group Tours of Ireland

    by Jessica B. March 31st, 2016
    If you are a little nervous planning a trip on your own to Ireland (and who wouldn’t be, driving on the wrong side of the road can be intimidating!) there are a lot of great options for couples, families, retirees, and pretty much anyone looking for an inspiring get away who doesn’t mind a bit of rain now and then. Here are a few great examples of group tours
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  • Ireland Port Stops for Cruise Ships

    by T Akery March 23rd, 2016
    Ireland's unique geographical location makes it a unique place to explore.  It is the land known for its green grass and magical stories and myths. If you are taking a cruise to Ireland, then these are some of the port options available to you depending on which cruise line you take. Each port stop has some interesting things to offer.

    Dublin is one of the main cities that cruise ships
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