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5 Great Places to Purchase Art in Wellington, NZ

by R. Carnavale
Wellington was recently named "the coolest little capital in the world" by Lonely Planet and it's definitely New Zealand's creative capital as well. If you're an arts connoisseur, you'll love how easily (and, often, inexpensively) you can buy beautiful, unique works of art in Wellington. Since 2005, the city government has been funding a public arts center

5 Great Cruises Around Wellington, New Zealand

by Jessica B.
If you are planning to visit New Zealand, taking a cruise is one of the most popular ways of getting to see the country. If you are visiting Wellington, you can book a day cruise or make Wellington one of the stops on a longer cruise around New Zealand. Here are five great cruises to take in New Zealand

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7 Scenic Public Parks in Wellington, NZ

by R. Carnavale
When you're in Wellington, be sure to check out the city's two major public park systems -- the Town Belt, a 425 hectare reserve on the first line of hills encircling the city and the Outer Green Belt, which is the ridgeline hills to the west of the city, from the South Coast to Colonial Knob.

The Town