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7 Fun Family Adventures in Shanghai

by Gary Hays
Welcome to the hustle and bustle that encompasses Shanghai. Though it would require expat status to stay long enough to visit every single site, there are available activities which will allow you to take in as much of the city as possible, during your limited stay.

Huangpu River Cruise – A cruise down the Huangpu River should be top on

Backpacking China – For the Adventurous

by Gary Hays
For the active minded, especially those who stray from tradition when traveling, finding the unique and different is sometimes a difficult task. Depending upon a person’s desired destination, much time must often be devoted to research. One such destination, chocked full of adventurous activities, in Shanghai, China. Sure, you can stay in luxury, and travel about by public transportation,

Shanghai, China

It is forcast to be Clear at 7:00 PM CST on July 30, 2015
High of 96, Low of 79

Romantic Parks in Shanghai

by Lana Bandoim
The romantic parks in Shanghai create peaceful paradises that let couples escape the busy city lifestyle. These green havens have gardens, trails and other secrets waiting to be discovered. They also offer couples the chance to participate in multiple activities such as running or boating.

Changfeng Park

Changfeng Park is located on the west
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