Saint Patty’s in Boston

by Bea | March 20th, 2012 | Destination Highlight

Last year I wrote about St. Patrick’s Day in the U.S. before taking a trip to Dublin, Ireland during St. Patrick’s Day Weekend. I questioned whether it was over-exaggerated in the U.S. and thought that I already knew the answer, but it wasn’t until this past St. Patty’s day that I truly realized what the answer was. Plain and simple, yes — we overdo it in Boston, MA.

While the Irish certainly take pride in Saint Patrick’s Day over there and they celebrate it with friends, family, drinks, food, and fun, they also recognize that it is called Saint Patrick’s Day and not Saint Patrick’s Weekend. Needing a reason to have lots of fun, Boston turns the day into a weekend-long celebration. The food is here, the Guinness is here, the Dropkick Murphy’s are out, and more, but the true Irish culture does seem to be lacking.

Boston was packed for Saint Patrick’s Day this past weekend. Being 21+, we decided that we wanted to check out the bar scene for Saint Patty’s Day and headed down to the Faneuil Hall area. By 1 pm, almost every single bar had a line that was at least 50 people long, they were charging $10-20 to get into the place, and they were at capacity so they were only letting people in when people started leaving. We quickly decided that we just wanted to walk around and see the craziness of it all and so we did just that. There were so many costumes to look at , people to watch, and it was nice out, so it was a good day to walk around. Once we were a little bored of that, we headed back towards the Back Bay area because we assumed that it was going to be less crowded than that. Luckily we were right and we were able to go into a place that didn’t make us pay a cover fee and we did not have to wait in line.

Saint Patrick’s day is over the top in Boston! We even have a parade that several hundreds of thousands of people go to every year. In fact, Boston’s Saint Patrick’s Day parade is the world’s first recorded parade for the holiday. I guess that makes sense for a state in which ~24% of the population is of Irish descent. It’s the most Irish state in the US! The parade is a sight to see with all of its floats, bagpipers, marching bands, and more!

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