The Amazing Race In Shanghai

by Jaclyn Abergas | May 26th, 2010 | Destination Highlight

From Singapore, the Amazing Race teams now travel to Shanghai. Upon arrival at the airport, they had to take a taxi to the village of Zhujiajiao, known as the Venice of China. A roadblock waited for them and one member had to hand-create a kilo of noodles. Once successful, they had to go to the Fashion District of Shanghai where they had to find the correct pieces of clothes to the model, according to a fashion sketch handed to them. They then had to go to the Hong Kou Football Stadium, where another roadblock waited for them. This time, the other member has to assemble a giant puzzle, using a small photo as reference, and hand it to spectators, who would flip the card to reveal the seat number with their clue. The Pit Stop for this leg of the race was the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum, where Jet and Cord took first place and Louie and Michael survive, despite being the last team, in this non-elimination leg.

Shanghai, China

At Zhujiajiao, the Venice of China, there is one thing that must be done: ride a gondola. You can either take the short ride or the long ride, but both give interesting views of the city from the water. Another activity is to take a trip on the lake, which lasts about 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the boat you choose.

An interesting person to visit in Zhujiajiao is a fortune teller. There is a famous fortune teller in Shanghai visited by lots of people. He dresses in traditional yellow silk clothing and a black top hat, with parrots and songbirds outside his house.

Have you been to Shanghai, China? What other must-not-miss activities do you recommend?

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